Powering Happiness with [Gates] on Happiness Truck 5.0 Journey | Guwahati to Changrabandha

Embark on an unforgettable voyage alongside GATES Power Transmission on the Happiness Truck 5.0 expedition, embarking from Guwahati and concluding its inspiring journey in Mumbai! The Happiness Truck is on a noble quest to spread joy throughout the nation. Follow our route from Guwahati to Alipurduar to Birpara to Dhupguri to Changrabandha, bringing smiles and positivity to every destination!

With Gates by our side, this expedition guarantees heartening encounters, uplifting experiences, and a strong sense of community. Join us in experiencing the joy of giving back and making a meaningful impact as the Happiness Truck travels towards happiness. Don’t miss out—hit play now and become part of this extraordinary adventure!

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